Schedule and Requirements

Vaccination varies by location and availability. We are currently not accommodating vaccine preference requests. LAST CALL is the time the last vaccine will be given to a checked-in patient.

Saipan - CHCC Immunization Clinic

Monday to Saturday
Please contact (670) 236-8745 for schedule and availability

COVID-19 Provider Sites: Marianas Medical Center, Kagman Isla Community Center, Medical Associates of the Pacific, Family Care Clinic, Women's Clinic, and Childrens Clinic

Schedule varies by each provider site
Please contact respective clinics for available schedule


Tinian Health Center
Please contact the Tinian Health Center at (670) 433-9233 for scheduling


Rota Health Center
Please contact the Rota Health Center at (670) 532=9461 for scheduling


    1. Government Issued ID or Birth Certificate
    2. Insurance Card (if applicable)
    3. Anyone at the age of 17 and under, must bring a copy of their parent’s or legal guardian’s ID and will need to sign a Consent for Vaccination of Minor at registration
    4. Succeeding doses (e.g., Dose 2, 3 or booster doses) recipients must also bring their Vaccination Card for verification (if applicable)
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